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Job Title:
Director, Fall Production

Organization: The Alden, Youth Theatre Programs

Job Type: Contract Position

Description: The Alden Theatre, a part of the McLean Community Center (agency of Fairfax County), is seeking a Director for its fall youth production. The contract period will be two evenings per week (mid September-mid November) 6-8 p.m. with a tech week and performances November 18-19. Full schedule provided by request.

This production will serve as an introduction to acting and performance for up to 12 children between the ages of 8-9. The production, either one 30-minute (maximum) performance or two, one-act performances, have not yet been selected, and director candidates may suggest pieces of interest to them. One stage manager will be on staff for all rehearsals and productions. This production will be produced with set, lighting, sound and costumes, but will be considerably scaled back due to the community center’s renovation and space requirements.

Duties of the Director include:
• Provide intro to acting instruction, mock auditions, casting and all staging directions appropriate for children age 8-9.
• Attend scheduled production meetings and collaborate with technical staff to bring the performance vision to life with limited resources. Production budget will be provided, and all direction should be made with the budget in mind.
• Communicate ideas for production and any changes with producer, tech director and designers; meet scheduled deadlines for providing tech information to producer and tech director.
• Adhere to the regulations and rules for the Alden Theatre and/or the rehearsal and performance spaces during all activities.
• Ensure that actors understand and adhere to regulations and rules for the Alden Theatre and/or the rehearsal and performance spaces. Safety is the number one priority.
• Attend all rehearsals, tech rehearsals and performances.
• Other duties deemed necessary by the Producer.

The director of the fall production often serves as “the face” of the program to the students and their parents or guardians. Thus, is expected to maintain a professional environment as well as a high level of professionalism in their language, clothing and attitude. Using any type of illegal/banned substances, alcohol, foul language and/or harassment—sexual or otherwise—during the execution of the contract terms will not be tolerated and will result in necessary consequences, including removal from the program. All associated scripts and material will maintain this level of professionalism as well.

Experience: Ideal candidate has professional experience as a director with children age 8-9. Theatre, education or related degree preferred.

How to Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to Danielle Van Hook. This is a paid position based on contract. Selected candidate will need to be fingerprinted and background-checked prior to start date.

Salary: $2,500 for all contracted duties.

(the) Unruly Theatre Project 2019-2020 Company Members  



JackWebJack is a freshman at McLean High School where he is working in his first play “You Can’t Take It with You” as the male swing. In his free time, Jack writes more than he likes to admit and enjoys watching/making movies. This is his first year with (the) Unruly Theatre Project, and he is excited to be a part of the troupe.








Hannah is a senior at John Champe High School, and this is her second year with UTP. When she’s not working with UTP, she coaches volleyball and is part of her school’s forensics team. Hannah has loved theatre since elementary school and is super excited to be a part of (the) Unruly Theatre Project.







Rebecca2WebRebecca is a senior at McLean High School and is both an actress and the head of Set Decoration. Her most recent credits include Alice in “You Can’t Take It with You” and Nikki Crandall in “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.” In her spare time, Rebecca plays with her dog Scout, drinks iced caramel macchiatos and tries not to think about college.




WillWebWill is a junior at Mclean High School, where he does several McLean Theatre shows per year. Recently, he was in “Urinetown” as Senator Fipp. During free time, he plays board and video games and enjoys hanging out with friends. This is his second year with UTP. 




GrahamWeb2Graham is a junior at McLean High School, where he is an active member of the theatre department. He has also worked with Traveling Players Ensemble and Theatre Lab. Outside of theatre, Graham is a fan of Disney, spreadsheets and Disney-related spreadsheets.




TaliaWebTalia is a freshman at Marshall High School where she is a member of the improv team, Statesman Theatre and Student Government. She has been acting professionally since she was nine and has been improvising since forever. Talia can usually be seen in her ‘DC Funk Squad’ sweatshirt, and if you give her a quarter, she can do the rap from “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber (2012). This is her first year as a member of UTP.





IzziWebIzzi is a junior at Herndon High and Fairfax Academy. She spends most of her days in the comfort of her theatre classroom—usually doing work, sometimes just hanging out. She spends probably too much time with her parents and her gal pal, Ryen.








IsaWebIsa is a homeschooled senior and beyond pumped for her final year at UTP. Her favorite role to date is playing the Virgin Mary in a film for ICR Discovery Center in Dallas, TX. A prog rock junkie and root beer enthusiast, Isa enjoys spending more than she should at thrift stores, shouting at soccer players, collecting candles, and Monty Python marathons. Ask her about her latest artistic endeavors—she’s an avid painter! 





RachelWebRachel is a senior at McLean High School and has been doing theatre since she was five years old. At McLean, she is one of the heads of the props department, as well as being on the ITS council. This is her first year in UTP, and she is so excited to thrill you with her comedic genius!





RyenWebRyen is a junior at Herndon High School, and this is her first year in UTP. She thoroughly enjoys popcorn and 2000s Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network cartoons. She spends her free time doing theatre whenever she can. She loves people so don't be afraid to say hi!





MasaiWebMasai is a sophomore at Chesapeake Math and IT Academy in Laurel, Maryland. His hobbies include video games, running track, and standup comedy. He currently holds the high score for Doodle Jump at the Ocean City arcade.













The Alden: Small Stage. Big Talent.




A beautiful, 383-seat performing arts venue presenting nationally and internationally touring acts in music, comedy, dance, film, children's programming and much more.



 What audiences are saying:


"And you can't ask for a better venue than the cozy Alden Theatre in McLean."


"One of my favorite places."


"I know that every performance will be well worth the visit."


"Wonderful venue, looking forward to seeing more shows here."


"The shows are off the chain."

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Virtual UTP


(the) Unruly Theatre Project is The Alden’s professional teen improv company dedicated to bringing comedic performances to the community. Members audition to be in the company for one season and are paid for each performance or workshop they do for the community. 

Upcoming Shows 

McLean Day Community Stage

Saturday, May 21, 1:45 p.m.





Workshops are designed for the age group of those attending and provide an opportunity for participants to learn about the art form as well as teamwork, communication and creativity! Groups are not limited to only the younger ones, they can be scout troops at any level, young professional groups or even pods of senior citizens! Generally, workshops are hosted by 3-4 members of UTP and include improv games as well as mini-performances by the company members.


Workshops are capped at 15 participants to allow for lots of participation and scheduling is flexible. Because of the group size and proximity involved in improv, all workshops at this time will take place virtually and have been modified for the Zoom platform. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, email: Danielle.VanHook@fairfaxcounty.gov for more information.




The Alden, a professional performing arts venue located in the McLean Community Center, boasts having the only professional teen repertory company in the area. Since its inception in 2010, the Studio Rep Company has been impacting audiences around the metropolitan area. The Alden offers a full season of national and international professional touring artists of multiple disciplines with a focus on education, arts and culture. It is this objective that drives the teen program.


Studio Rep is an outreach theatre program armed with an arsenal of lighthearted yet thought-provoking one-act plays relevant to the social issues affecting upper elementary and junior high students. In association with the Safe Community Coalition and with professional training from leading experts such as Lyle Cogen and Mark Jaster, the actors hope to provoke rich and engaging discussions. This season’s focus is on the issue of bullying. The teens perform one-acts, offer post-show discussions, and lead theatre games for schools and community groups, tailoring the performances based on the needs of a group.


 For more information or to book the company for a free public performance please contact Kathy Herr, Director of Youth Programs, at Kathleen.Herr@fairfaxcounty.gov or Jeff Virchow, Performing Arts Coordinator, at Jeffrey.Virchow@fairfaxcounty.gov.




Code 20: Proceed to Improv is a FREE coffeehouse-style night of improv and open mic performances hosted by Studio Rep, the only professional teen repertory company in the Greater McLean area. Always free and always the second Thursday of the month, this interactive show encourages audiences to join in the improv or jam out during open mic. The best of Washington’s improv teams headline each show. Come for the laughs or come to play along, Code 20 has something for everyone.


Hosted on the second Thursday of every month from 7-9 p.m. at the Old Firehouse Teen Center. 


Performance dates are as follows:
Thursday, October 10 (10/10)
Novemer 14 (11/14) 
December 12 (12/12) 
January 9 (1/9) 
February 13 (2/13) 
March 13 (3/13) 
April 10 (4/10) 
May 8 (5/8)