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singh headshotMcLean Community Center Governing Board Appoints Daniel Phoenix Singh New MCC Executive Director
Singh Outlines Center’s 180-Day Plan

The McLean Community Center (MCC) Governing Board has appointed Daniel Phoenix Singh as the center’s new executive director. Singh is replacing George Sachs, who retired on Friday, May 7, after 11 years of service. MCC is located at 1234 Ingleside Ave.

In his previous position as Division Chief of Tourism and Cultural Arts for Baltimore County, Singh lead countywide initiatives in coordination with the Tourism Commission and the Arts and Sciences Commission. Singh is also Artistic and Executive Director of Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company, which he founded in 2003. The multi-genre dance company has won national acclaim and was lauded by DC critics as one of the top three local dance companies in 2012. Singh has earned two master’s degrees in subjects that are highly relevant to his new position: a master’s degree in Business Administration from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Maryland.

MCC Board Chair Suzanne LeMenestrel said of Singh, “On behalf of the Governing Board, we are thrilled that Daniel will be leading the MCC. His expertise in the arts, technology and recreation and his commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will serve our community exceptionally well. We are looking forward to working with Daniel as the MCC welcomes community members back to the center.”

Singh is working with community members, board members and staff to launch several new programs in the next 180 days. He will be working closely with Le Menestrel to conduct in-depth McLean listening sessions to surface community needs, interests and ideas. From the foundation of the community input, the Board and staff will be launching a Strategic Planning process to bring the community, staff and board vision to fruition. “As soon as spacing restrictions are lifted, we will be holding an event to celebrate the life and contributions of Mr. Robert Alden in our theater,” said Singh. “The staff and board are incredibly talented, and the community is very passionate about the mission and have already presented wonderful ideas for us to continue George Sach’s legacy.”

Michael Fisher and Christian Hayes are announcing Seniors in Action, a diverse range of programming focused on bringing seniors back to MCC for a series of events centered on their wellness and to build a robust community and cultural support system for them. Programming includes open coffee talks, craft session, book clubs, Bridge, Mah-Jongg, yoga, Bingo and potlucks. MCC Community Events is working on ways to safely get back to offering in-person events after celebrating their successes with virtual programming.

Singh and Performing Arts Director Sarah Schallern Treff are launching a series of arts initiatives such as a poetry event celebrating AAPI month in May, community partnerships in honor of LGBTQ Pride in June and weaving in visiting artists with camp participants. The staff will be unveiling an artist-in-residence series to highlight the rich array of regional, national and international artists. Schallern Treff will also be leading projects for creative placemaking to include murals, outdoor art installations and pop-up events in downtown McLean.

Reimagining all departments of MCC as an active community service and programming opportunity, Singh and Director of Communications Sabrina Anwah will be launching a community-focused blog and a robust social media presence. Alden Technical Director Jennifer Garrett is exploring how design elements can become a larger focus in and around the center’s building with seasonal or event specific lighting installations and exciting projection mapping projects to re-envision familiar spaces with new ideas as a fresh canvas. Facilities Manager Joe McGovern is considering how outdoor spaces can be activated to keep safety at the forefront while welcoming community members back home to MCC. Andrew Carter, the general manager of The Old Firehouse is excited to launch in-person summer programming and is also kicking off a series of Block Parties to celebrate our teens.

“I am incredibly lucky to be inheriting this strong staff that George has so carefully cultivated,” said Singh. “MCC is uniquely positioned to address the pressing issues and ramifications of re-entry into the world after COVID-19; the racial climate and equity needs surfacing in the U.S.; or considering how we can affect change locally for global problems such as climate justice. We want to be ‘The Center of It All’ for both McLean community members and the issues that are of importance to them.”

For more information, call 703-790-0123, TTY: 711.