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Stemtree Coding with Fun Camp

Students do not need previous computer programming experience. Today most children use computers and manipulate media, but few of them know how to create the media or software they are using. This class will teach students how to create and develop computer programs (games, stories, etc.) instead of just playing with them. Students will learn computer programming concepts in a fun and interactive way. They will share their own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art. They will have an opportunity to think creatively, communicate clearly, use technology fluently and collaborate effectively. They also will create their own computer programs to implement computer games and combine multiple topics (Science, Engineering, Teamwork).


Instructor: Stemtree Staff.

6-11 years
5 days @ 3 hrs,  $300/$250 MCC district residents.
1042.119          M-F, 6/24-6/28          1-4 p.m.

Stemtree offers K-12 science and engineering education programs. Our one-on-one learning environment enables students of all abilities to become confident, capable learners and allows quality individualized interaction between the instructor and the student. The program utilizes instructional time, assessments and hands-on activities to reinforce key concepts and develop science and engineering skills.
Stemtree curriculum goes beyond STEM activities. It helps students improve problem-solving skills, enhance critical thinking ability, learn the science, engineering, programming concepts behind STEM activities and have fun while learning.